Art Cart NYC™
Art Cart NYC™ announces first exhibition

NEON SEDUCTION, curated by Margaret Knowles

The authentic no longer means anything – most objects we consume in today’s world are produced not from nature, but from humans or even machines.  Images are no longer mimetic, but exist as form and color with no referent in nature.  The goal of authenticity is long forgotten and the “real” is a concept of the past.  Created in virtual spaces, based on intricately constructed codes and systems, existent in worlds foreign to our own, how can these images still have such a seductive power over us?  How can their strangeness and artificial beauty produce such a biological, natural reaction? We are enticed by the flashy neon colors and geometric patterns to enter into this constructed world, only to look around and discover that it is this space, where the physicality is not a precursor to objecthood, the artificial reigns over the natural, and beauty has almost no relationship to humanity, is the world we already inhabit.