Art Cart NYC™

Welcome to Art Cart NYC™!

Over the past few years, food and beverage trucks have become a familiar fixture in the New York City landscape. These street vendors come in all varieties, from classic falafel and nuts stands, to the East Village Mud Coffee Truck, and more recently, specialized carts serving waffles, dessert, and organic ice cream.

Moreover, in tough economic times, another trend that has taken hold in the city is the DIY gallery. Many artists and startups have taken note of all the abandoned storefronts throughout the city and are setting up shop. What a fantastic way not only to transform the physical buildings, but also to boost the morale of the neighborhoods.

Enter Art Cart NYC™

This project is built upon the aforementioned food-cart craze and pop-up galleries that have taken hold in New York City.

In an attempt to eliminate the stigma associated with the trek to Chelsea or Museum Mile, the Art Cart will serve as a mobile gallery, a truck that brings art directly to the people. Keep a look out for the Art Cart during the warm months, be it by your neighborhood park or at your favorite outdoor events.